Since its origin, LA FEUILLE D’OR has been designing healthy pastry aid products that respect both natural tastes and balance.

“Today, but tomorrow more than ever, our gourmet creations must and must respond to two essential priorities: taste pleasure and the assurance that what we savor contributes to preserving our health”

At LA FEUILLE D’OR, we are convinced that nature perfectly meets these priorities. This is why our employees innovate and use all their know-how to offer a healthy and delicious alternative to standard baking aid ingredients: they are therefore guaranteed to support a company that acts in a sustainable manner.

At LA FEUILLE D’OR, we consider ourselves, as individuals and as a company, responsible for everything we do. We must continue to deserve the trust received.

Based on specific formulations by the choice of natural ingredients that we use, all of our gourmet products favor authenticity and quality.