A good little dessert that is fresh and easy, a strawberry tiramisu by Mouicook

1 packet tiramisu Mousse La Feuille d’or
200ml of cold milk.
200gr of strawberries.
1 sugar mixture.
3 water spouts.
1/2 pack of boudoirs.

1- Start by preparing the syrup by boiling the water and sugar and a few strawberries.
2- Prepare the tiramisu Mousse by pouring the contents of the sachet into a container, add the cold milk and beat with an electric mixer until a very firm foam is obtained.
3- Proceed with the assembly by arranging slices of strawberries in the walls of the verrine, putting a layer of tiramisu Moussse, placing boudoirs dipped in syrup and adding a layer of Mousse.
4- Leave in the fridge for two hours and taste!